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Note: Please enter the serial number of the password letter upon your first log-in.

When leaving Internet Banking service, please be sure to log out in order to protect your account safe. You will be automatically logged out when idling over five (05) minutes.    
To protect your account, please ensure you're entering the website of SCSB, and read  Internet Banking User's Security Tips before log-in.
User's manual
Do not disclose your ID and password to any third party.
SCSB never asks customer's password by any means (e.g. our staff, official letter, phone call, emails....etc).
SCSB will NEITHER send email to request customers to enter Internet Banking service with customer's ID and password, NOR to request customers to enter any online-trading website link provided in the email.
Please do not click the link, if you receive it.
Please do not hesitate to contact us at (+84)61-887-5111
if you have any further inquiry.
Do not open any file or format of unknown origin email. Do not use Internet Banking service in public places (e.g. Internet Cafe.).